Sunday, 15 April 2012

Siobhain Moakes

My current work concerns the adaptation of the visual field of the viewer to the received image. I have had some difficulties with my sight over the last few years and this has stimulated my interest in conveying distortions, both in image and focus.
I usually work in oil on canvas and enjoy figurative work, although the direction of my latest work has led to an interest in painting a pseudo – landscape, derived from images from Google earth. I enjoy the irony of the apparent aerial image appearing as if it were complete fact, when in fact it is a generated distortion of fact and fiction.
I plan to create a series of large scale canvases, mounted as panels, which when seen ‘in – the – round’, should create a feeling of oppression and force the viewer to move to see the panels, thereby introducing a kinetic element to the work.

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