Friday, 13 April 2012

Valerie Halliwell

These paintings explore women’s sub-conscious programming, fundamental beliefs, thoughts and feelings and question values such as; ‘Is womanliness purely about motherhood, the physical and sexual or does it also encompass the spirit and soul?’

“We believed what you told us and how you behaved; through generations of our sisterhood we encompassed and reflected our beauty, function and worth through your eyes. At this crossroads, raising our sub- conscious from slumber, we realise and exchange our truths for your lies”

My paintings seek to embrace all aspects of womanhood and aim to aid the viewer in seeing them on their personal journey into a deeper recognition and understanding of self.

The Lilly Pond 5ft x 5ft

Grounded working red earth
I have you boxed and contained in wisdom beyond this place
I plunge beneath
Breaking waters
Naked and alone
Beyond my sub consciousness programming
To Light and Soul
Birth rite
Love rite
Life right 

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