Thursday, 19 April 2012

David Mach

Love and Fuck – are part of a whole series of postcard and playing card collage that David has been working on for years. These are heavy homages to artists work that he likes. Re-makes. Visits to work which then change because of the nature of the postcard/collage process. The result is a new work, not copied but heavily inspired by the originals and taken through to another, different stage.

David has made many of these over the years, exploring art history and rediscovering the works of art that inspire him. The Love and Fuck in this catalogue are made against playing cards. The Love and Fuck in the actual show are set against Christmas cards. David loves these cards and the way all of that extra glitter and messaging and cheer comes through. Love and Fuck seem particularly poignant against them and he can see a longer relationship developing out of Robert Indiana’s original in the future. He says, ‘You might see not just Love and Fuck, but Cunt and Shit and so on!  We’ll have to see how it develops.’

Denis Whiteside


Screen-print in three parts on Fabriano Tiepolo paper 151x100. Edition: twelve, (six blue, six mauve)

From rationality to absurdity; the particular to the unspecific; self-defining mundaneness, these are some of  the immaterial aspects that inform Whiteside’s text based work.
Through obfuscation he consciously operates where contrarious notions occur. When he states that ‘Nothing is nothing’, he may mean it’s something.
His art is all about the journey, the process and, like Samuel Beckett (possibly his biggest influence), he believes pasionately that “Art has nothing to do with clarity,does not dabble in the clear and does not make clear”.