Monday, 16 April 2012

Tracie Shaylor

             “Contra Naturam, the defiance of nature…
for those who were not persuaded by Contra deum, 
the wrath of God.”
Himmelfard, Gertrude. (Petri dish politics 1999)

Historically Shaylor has dealt with research concerns that have evolved from interests in feminism and sexuality, patriarchal social systems and gender role reversal were underlying concepts explored in the series ‘Evolution and Atrophy.’

Contra naturam reflects the ongoing human embryo cloning research. The work is multi layered and open to interpretation by the viewer. The intended embryonic, amorphous shapes gradually become recognizable as human form. The series of seven refer to the biblical seven days of creation and consider the issue of genetic re-engineering furthermore the potential for an artificial cloned human race, raising questions of ethics and eugenics.

Tracie Shaylor’s practice shows an awareness of trajectories within modern art history and an understanding of where the individual’s practice can situate within that, whilst still finding a form of expression that is not imitative.

Contra Naturam

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