Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Art Catalogue

The Art Catalogue is now in the process of its finally editing stage before it goes to press, all very exciting and we looking forward to the finished copy.
Catalogues will be on sale from the night of the private view and then during normal opening hours of the exhibition.
Works, which we have already received, include four digital prints from Ed Pien and two-piece 'Opium Dreams' Amanda Rae.
We are looking forward to meeting Robyn Woolston tomorrow morning, as Robyn's work is site specific.
This visit will give Robyn chance to draw up her intentions on architectural plans.
Kerry Phippen's work arrives this Friday and all other works to be delivered on Monday 14 May, then the curate begins.
It is going to a hyperactive nine days till the Private View but as the committee group, we can assure you all that it will certainly be worth all of the hard work and a definite must to visit the show.