Monday, 16 April 2012

Robyn Woolston

Smart Price (2012)

Field of Dreams (2011)

‘Shadow / Light’ (2011)  

Woolston intervenes within supply chains, re-appropriating product, meaning and metaphor. Located somewhere between Process and Povera, she presents a ‘rhizomatic’ assault on systems that place financial ‘profit’ above societal ‘value’ in a world defined by ‘finite’ resources. 

Her practice covers Installation, Film and Photography.

Previous clients have included Guys Hospital / London, HM Prison Service, Intel, ITV, London Print Studio, Maerz Arts Association / Linz, Mitsubishi, National Geographic Traveller, Psychologies Magazine, Tenderpixel Gallery / London and the Walker Art Gallery / Liverpool.

She is currently short-listed for the Liverpool Art Prize 2012:

More detailed information related to her practice can be found here:

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